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Fluid Movement Camp

July 19, 2019 July 21, 2019

Deadline is June 19th. – to register & to be paid in full. 

Swim, stretch and run your way to a better body In 3 days

July 19th – 21st 2019
[without joint pain & body fatigue]

If you’re an athlete, exercise junky or pro sports player, looking to end the agony of muscle and joint pain while you achieve your personal best then you already know that you need to say goodbye to pain and injury when it comes to your training.

You know that if you want to push your body to the limit, the downside of that can be dealing with muscle and joint problems as you strive to reach your goal.

You also understand that to exercise to your physical peak, training at that level often results in pain and no pleasure in the process.

And you know that if you want to work out to your maximum potential, you need the perfect combination of mind and body and soul to get to your goal.

Here’s what you might not know…

Swimming, running and yoga, when combined can create a balance in your body which makes it stronger than ever, so it can work at peak performance.

Overcoming pain in training can completely change your athletic success-–Are you an athlete who trained hard when they were younger, but the years are taking their toll on your ability? It is possible to set and reach new goals which you didn’t think you could achieve with your fitness.

With age comes Wisdom? Being more educated & knowing how to apply that wisdom is the best way to heal past injuries for good.

10x your training as you overcome your mind & body’s boundaries

Become an Athletic Powerhouse Who Leaves Competitors For Dust As You Blast Through Your Exercise Barriers and Fatigue

Ditch joint pain, say goodbye to muscle aches and perform better than you have ever before by following our simple step-by-step system.

Maybe You Are….

An athlete who was at the top of their game in their teens and 20’s. But taking a high powered position at a company and sitting at desks and travelling for work has impacted your ability to exercise as much as you once could.

Your passion has had to take a back seat to the life of being a parent, school runs, looking after the family and day to day tasks.

And it means when you do hit the gym, or take to the track, you struggle. You yearn to be able to push yourself the way you once did, but you don’t have the same energy or inclination to do so, thanks to old injuries which you still suffer from when you are working out.

The main reason you are struggling to be able to push yourself is you feel you can’t find an all-in-one solution that addresses the pain issues you are struggling with.

You feel time poor because you have a busy life and see solving your sports pain and lack of motivation as a long and laborious process.

But, with age comes wisdom & you are smarter now! There is a solution to overcoming this fatigue and difficulty & you can get yourself back to your personal best. Age has nothing to do with you getting to your goal. But a tried and tested system, which teaches you how to recognize & adjust your movements by precise analyzing of how your body works and implementation of the correct moves through running and swimming, can help you find the strength and success you had as an athlete again – & maybe even unveil new skills you never even knew you had.

What you are looking for is a smart solution which will teach you the exact moves and techniques you need to feel that exhilarating rush of adrenalin once again without the fear that you’re damaging your body.

  • A system you can learn in a few days, that you can take with you into your daily life and training regimen and see results fast.
  • A system which enables you be at your best again when it come to your passion for your chosen sport.

The 5 Biggest Reasons Why Most Runners and Swimmers Fail At Maintaining Their Performance…

1. You Don’t Know What To Do…
Most runners and swimmers who have been enjoying their practice for a number of years think they don’t need to follow a plan. But as the body ages it is more important than ever to follow a regimen that looks at every aspect of the body and mind. Most training plans don’t address injury prevention & do nothing to help joints and muscles accommodate the different way they react to exercise as you get older.

2. You Don’t Do Strength Exercises…
Running and swimming isn’t just about the exercise itself, it’s also about keeping the body strong and balanced. And to do that strength has to be built. If you aren’t strengthening the body it’s probably one of the major reasons you’re chronically injured with aches and pains that always derail your training. Injury prevention isn’t the only reason to get strong. Strength exercises help you become more efficient and run faster.

3. You’re Nervous Of Failing Or Think You Don’t Have What It Takes…
Our brains are inherently lazy and it is for that reason we struggle to train, but by educating the mind & connecting our movements with applied thoughts we keep both brain & body active.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts who want to maintain their physical fitness into later years need to instill smart habits that will override that instinct to put your feet up. And it is also a battle to believe you have what it takes to do sport as we get older. Maintaining a balanced mind through meditation and yoga is a key way to overcome those nerves.

4. You Don’t Have Time….
Ok, so we’re all busy & there’s always a million reasons why you can’t get to the gym, but time waits for no man & age continues its journey regardless.  So if you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour well into your later years, the time to act is right now. So make every second or minute you have free count.  Be smart by training smartly. Even if you’re sitting at your desk most of the day – there’s still a smart way to do so. You don’t have to buy lots of gadgets or gear – this is real information that you can use immediately.  Change one thing you do everyday by being more self aware & who knows where that will take you.

5. You Are Continuing to Perform in Your Sport Using The Wrong Technique…
Using the wrong technique continuously can have a detrimental effect on your ability to give it your all. Performing at a higher level doesn’t mean you have to ignore any pain you might be experiencing.  By establishing exactly what is causing it, using a tried and tested system, means you can overcome it the right way.

A Note From The Founder

As a fully qualified Total Immersion coach & trainer studying for a degree in Exercise Physiology, I pride myself on being thorough & aim to be one of the most experienced in my field. My extensive experience as an athlete and training in Kinetics, means I can pinpoint the imbalances you can experience in the body if you train hard, incorrectly or you have a long history of pushing your body to the limit through sport. I know exactly how this can feel, at 46 years old, and with a huge passion for all things active.

Taking part in 3 Ironman, and several ½ Ironman competitions as well multiple marathons, a 10k/5k, has put my body through its paces. Coupling this with a passion for rock climbing and mountain biking means I understand what it is like being passionate about exercise & wanting to continue that into one’s later years. This is what has led me to specialize in helping others improve their ability to move with more freedom, get stronger and correct their muscle imbalances.

My knowledge & application of strength training, functional movement, massage & PT skills means my clients never have to worry about being in pain or dealing with old injuries that can slow them down.

If you come to our three day Pain & Injury Reduction Programme for Swimmers & Runners, I know you will achieve exactly the results you want to take your body and fitness to the next level, love the course & get so much out of it.

Why? Because we have a team of people which I have personally selected using my expertise and training, to give you the best possible support and training you need to give you back the strength, success and pain free training you desire in your chosen sport.

– Coach Lorna Richardson

“I have been treated by Lorna with a combination of strengthening,  conditioning, and massage since my disability due to Proximal Neuropathy some years ago. This condition degraded both nerves and  muscle mass in the left side of my body. Through her exercise program I have recovered both muscle strength and the stability needed to walk  without a walker and indeed to function normally in gardening and the usual household chores. She is always sensitive to one’s feelings without losing sight of  the need to continually progress in the recovery process. I recommend her to anyone whose life is compromised by physical disability”.

Ron Nowek – Retired Aeronautical Engineer

“A session with Lorna is so-o beyond coaching. It is expertise and knowledge used to enable us to move better and more efficiently whether swimming or out of the water. A step towards genuine good health and well being, including mental clarity & acuity. ”

Mary Rushfield – Retired Professor

“I have been training with Lorna Richardson for many months now. She has definitely helped me become a good swimmer. She is very patient and very helpful and very much a people person. She is very thorough and very precise and walks you through all the different and proper movements in order to become a good and an efficient swimmer. I highly recommend Lorna to any swimmer whether they be a beginner or somebody with a lot of experience in that her techniques could help everybody.  I have benefited greatly from her expertise”.

Mark Burkes – Real Estate Investor & Developer.

“Lorna is the most amazing swim coach. I learnt to swim as a child then didn’t swim for years apart from lying about on vacations but no serious swimming. As my knees started to bug me from all the running I was doing I took up Tri Training and Lorna has been the most amazing swim coach. She is so detailed and focused and encouraging and I am now swimming a mile + in the ocean and two or three mornings a week at Palisades pool and completed 3 tris. Before her coaching I could barely do a length of freestyle in the high school pool. She is such a pro and a brilliant coach!”

Sarah Robarts – President of Ballantines PR

“Lorna has an extraordinary understanding of the body and how it works and is absolutely passionate about it. I strongly recommend Lorna to anyone who is interested in improving their swimming – no matter what age or level or condition. She’s fantastic!”

Nancy Forman – President of Language Liaison

“I have been swimming with Lorna for almost 2 years now and love her enthusiasm and the effort she puts into the workouts. My stroke has improved a lot since we started and it is always a fun and challenging workout. I can just encourage everyone who loves to swim, to try out a session with Lorna and spread the word.”

Karin Reitinger – Pilates Instructor

Introducing Fluid Movement:
The Pain And Injury Reduction Programme for Swimmers And Runners

Swim, stretch and run your way to a better, fitter body and ditch your aches and pains for good so you can achieve your sporting goals.

The Pain & Injury Reduction Programme for Swimmers & Runners is the ONLY program of its kind that…

    1. Can give you back pain free training in a fraction of the time
    2. Can address your specific needs when it comes to your training and give you exactly what your body needs to bring it back to its best
    3. Combines aspects of mindful practice and body awareness to enable you to becomes the same athlete you were in the teens and 20’s.
    4. Provides solutions you can take home with you and implement immediately into your training regime.
    5. Can give you better joint and muscular health and a life free from pain and fatigue

So if you’re ready to finally get back to a pain free exercise regime while avoiding the stress, time, and overwhelm…

Here’s how we’ll help you get here:

Fluid Movement Camp: The 3 Day Pain Injury Reduction Programme for Swimmers and Runners

Click on a Day below to view the details for that day:


  • Posture & Perception Clinic
  • Track training with hands on – in the moment feedback
  • How to use body awareness & position to improve your training, channeling gravity into forward motion.
  • *Learn how to run safely and lower impact forces.


*’Stretch & Sweat’ – This class places a strong emphasis on pelvic alignment, breath, core strength & coordination. Learn the best moves to help turn your body into a pillar of strength.


*Balance, Streamlining & Synchronized Propulsion Clinic:

Learn the key fundamentals of swimming to ensure you start off on the right path, with a stable foundation.

  • Reduce opposing forces
  • Create the frame
  • Create the shape


  • Take To The Track – learning how to use gravity more than muscle
  • Stretch workout – build yourself a more powerful body


Learn the Recovery swing & the timing of the Arm switch

Work on unilateral focus to synchronize both sides of the body for maximum efficiency

*Q and A masterclass – experts reveal the solutions to your biggest exercise fears


‘Flow, Roll & Release’ – We designed this class just for you!  This class combines an invigorating Vinyasa flow with rejuvenating Trigger Point Therapy  – a masterclass on how to release stress and tension.

Speed gear training and cadence class – learn expert tips on how to determine the appropriate cadence & utilise it.

How to keep consistent cadence

How to maintain form at different speeds

Breathing Technique Masterclass – How easier breathing works enabling peak performance in the water

‘Power Flow’ – Inspired by Ashtanga Yoga – more vigorous style of yoga.  This class uses breath as the primary link between alternating poses & mind-body connection, taking us through waves of energizing vinyasa flow, intense strong holding asanas & deep opening postures.

Rounding up the day with a Group Session (Please please do not use the word ‘Bootcamp’…brings shivers to my spine…not a good word for what we are trying to implement – negative connotations)

*Private consults to analyse specific exercise goals and plan training regiment

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Fluid Movement Camp: The 3 Day Pain Injury Reduction Program for Swimmers and Runners


  • 3 days training at Cate Sports Academy Ojai – $700
  • Hands on yoga instruction – $375
  • Total Immersion training with top TI coaches – $1500
  • Specialised posture/ performance clinic – $300
  • Breathe Clinic – $300USD
  • Gravity Harnessing Run Sessions – $350USD
  • Stretch Your Way To Athletic Success – $200
  • 1 on 1 Training Regime Consultation – $250

Here’s your special offer:

We should charge  $3975 But our special one-off camp price is only Regular Price: $1700 USD.  A saving of $2275!!

But wait! You can save more by committing now.

ENROLL TODAY!  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $1300!!  Offer Expires June 1st – you save $400 off the full price

Book after June 1st but before June 18th & get the ‘NOT SO EARLY BIRD SPECIAL’ of $1500 saving you $200 off the regular rate.

(Please note accommodation is not included)

Snooze you lose, the later you leave it, the more it will cost.

So, what are you waiting for?

I’m nervous I won’t be fit enough for the camp.  Do I have to be a certain ‘level’?
Absolutely not! This 3 day event is for you to learn at your own pace & practice at your own pace.  No pressure, we’re all here to learn from each other.

I’m shy & I don’t really train with people, but love to workout & be smart with my body.
Come have fun & make new friends with a great group of people.  This will be a chill, easy-going group of like-minded individuals who all want to learn & be inspired from top professionals in a comfortable environment at their own pace.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this?  I can run pretty well, but I can’t swim.  I’m still racing but I’ve noticed aches now that I never used to get & am consequently thinking of switching to swimming more so i can still enjoy the benefits of working out into my later years.  What should I do?
You’re already halfway there! You’re looking straight at the answer.  Why not start your swim journey the safest, most efficient way so you can swim til you’re 100!….& while you’re at it, perhaps discover some things about your running that you didn’t even know you were doing.  So maybe you’ll be able to keep that up too.

Isn’t Getting Injured Simply A Part of Training…
Swimmers and runners push their bodies to the limit when it comes to their chosen sport. But often the thought of training hard, especially when you lose confidence in your ability and fear hurt, can have an impact on your performance. And what if you didn’t need to get hurt? What if you learned the right way to hold yourself everytime you hit the water or ran a mile? That would be a game changer for you mentally and physically.


I am so excited for you to join us for our three day training in the beautiful surroundings of the Cate Sports Academy in Ojai.

Under the skilled guidance of myself and my amazing team, I know you will achieve exactly the results you want to take your body and fitness to the next level love the course & get so much out of it.

With our patient & friendly coaching you can acquire the skills, confidence and knowledge you need, from experts, to move well on both land and in water.

We will help you tap into a much more efficient and pleasing flow of energy when you run, swim, meditate or workout in the gym.

This training will help you apply a mindful practice and body awareness.

And you will learn how to use your body much better than you have been.

We strive to offer something different over these 3 days. This is not about going harder & faster.  This is about being smarter. You will learn to move more intelligently, more smoothly, by using your own body weight, potential energy and natural mechanics, making it easier to move faster, and move further.

We want you to walk away with skills that you can utilize immediately.  You’ll grow in an understanding and attitude that will apply to every aspect of your daily activities, enabling you to enjoy them more fully.  

I can’t wait for you to join me and the team for an amazing three days in Ojai where you will change your body and fitness for the better!

The Team

Joining Lorna Richardson, founder of Fluid Movement and creator of the  Pain & Injury Reduction Programme for Swimmers & Runners is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who will enable to you overcome your workout plateau, push your body to new limits and learn how to overcome your fitness fears.

Cherisse Stoin

A dedicated yogi for over 25 years Cherisse knows from personal experience the important of looking after the body and the mind. A stressful career as an executive in the entertainment industry, led to her being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. She knew she needed to make changes to her life to look after her health. Cherisse, who has gone through six surgeries credits yoga with bringing her back to the peak of her mental and physical health. Her constant goal is to find a better, healthier way to live and heal naturally. She has completed her 200 hour RYT training through Soho Yoga in Hermosa Beach in 2016. And In 2018 she received my 100 hour Yin Yoga training through Hot 8 in Beverly Hills.

Mat Hudson, Coach

A competitive swimmer and endurance athlete for over 30 years is a Total Immersion Master Coach, Mat is passionate about the water. His teaching is influenced by Chi Running and the Pose Method, and he is currently training for an ultra-distance mountain running expedition. He loves working with more mature adults – in particular those who value using their body to its fullest as they embrace older age. Mat relishes the challenge of working with people who have issues with pain and injury, and helping them get back to peak fitness with no overwhelm. He is involved in a regular mentorship with a somatic trauma therapist and also with a renowned neuro physiotherapist. A fan of swimming in open water, Mat has masterminded open water swim camps and taught in Europe, Russia and the Mediterranean Region.

How to know if you’re ready to take your body to the best place ever, while saying goodbye to training overwhelm for good with the Pain and Injury Reduction Program for Swimmers and Runners…

  • You are an athlete or exercise enthusiast who suffers from troubling pain and fatigue, when it comes to your training and fitness.You are a former fitness enthusiast or athlete & have been trying to live with injuries that you have experienced when running or swimming in your younger years and you can’t overcome them.
  • You feel as you have moved out of your 20’s and into your 30’s and more advanced years, your body has been giving warning signals – a twinge here, an ache there, and you have been incapacitated by these so you can’t work out.
  • You love working out, but you are struggling with these ever nagging aches and strains, it is making you feel depressed and is affecting your fitness, but you just don’t know what to do about them.
  • You feel fed up over you inability to perform at your best, and have lost hope of finding a solution to making your body move and feel better.
  • Your running is causing your body some problems you can’t quite shake.
  • You’ve not had any coaching, or what coaching you did receive did not address you needs.
  • You have been doing great on land, but your weak spot is in the water. You find it stressful and full of struggle
  • You are passionate about exercise, have made good progress in performance, and are investing time and energy in the process, but wonder why it leaves you so wiped out and hurting after training and racing.
  • You are prepping for a triathlon or Ironman & know swimming is your weakest link.

If you said yes to at least three of the above I can’t wait for you to join me for The Pain and injury Reduction Program for Swimmers and Runner

“In March 2018 I decided to sign up for the December 2018 La Quinta half Ironman. I had never done a triathlon before, had never been a swimmer and had never learnt freestyle due to my fear of submerging my face in water. I contacted Lorna for swimming lessons. Over the next 9 months, Lorna took me from being unable to swim one lap, to swimming over 1.2 miles of freestyle in open water and subsequently competing in and finishing my triathlon. I could not have done this without her. Lorna is thorough in her teaching method, breaking down the stroke making it easy and fun to learn. At times when I had self doubt and got frustrated with myself, her patience, dedication and complete belief in me kept me going. She went above and beyond in helping me achieve my goal and I owe her everything. I would recommend her to everyone!”

Lynne Kane – Yoga Instructor

“Lorna could teach a brick to swim: 6 months ago, I couldn’t even sink with style, but this month I’m competing in my first triathlon. The investment is so very worth it.”

Ben Hammersley – Consultant Futurist

Location and Lodging

Click Location or Lodging below to view the details for each:

Cate Sports Academy

1960 Cate Mesa Rd.
Carpinteria, CA 93013

A Drone’s eye view of the town & coastal area.

We’ve secured rooms at the Best Western Plus Carpinteria (see prices in the Fees & Information block on this page).

The Best Western Plus Carpinteria Inn is conveniently located with easy access to key area attractions and business locations. After a day at Cate Academy located only 3 miles away, guests can return to the casual elegance of this Carpinteria Hotel to relax by the pool or in the lush tropical courtyard. Guests can take a stroll into town only minutes away and enjoy the variety of nearby dining and shopping options available along the water front or pop into the local brewery for ‘Fluid Movement’ of a different kind.

Fees & Information

Event Fee

Price for 3 day coaching: $1700

Price Including / Excluding

Included in the camp fee

  • Lunch on location
  • Coaching and staffing fees
  • Video analysis session 
  • Logistics for our training sessions (transport, escort, etc)
  • Parking

Not Included

  • Lodging
  • Evening Meal & drinks
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Travel or medical insurance
  • Gratuity to service providers (drivers, hotel staff, etc).


Note that the training fee is separate from the lodging fee:

  • Training Fee per swimmer: $1700
  • Companion Fee: $180
  • Room Fees below…

Lodging Fees

$800 for 3 nights! for
1 room with 2 Queen beds
or $299 per night

All rooms come with A/C, free Wifi  & wired Internet access.

Spaces limited on group rate! First come first serve. Be sure to reserve your room through Fluid Movement directly before group rate fills up.

To share a room, you must arrange your own room companions.

Fine Print

A full payment or non-refundable deposit of $150 is required per participant to secure a spot in this event.

Your companion is warmly welcomed in our transport to our training locations – this is covered by the companion fee.

If you would like to arrange your own lodging, you may pay the Training Fee only. This fee covers our coaching, staff expenses and logistics for our training each day.

*Group rate discount must be booked through Fluid Movement LLC directly.

Deadline is June 19th. – to register & to be paid in full. 

Choose your Options

Camp Registration Balance
Choose this only if you have already paid the Non-refundable deposit and wish to pay off your balance.
Full Camp Registration
Includes Non-refundable $150 Deposit. Does not include lodging.
19 available
Camp Companion Fee
Does not include coaching.
Non-refundable Camp Deposit
Choose this if you only want to pay a deposit up front to save your spot. Do not choose this if you’re purchasing the Full Registration.
27 available
3 Nights Lodging (Save $97!)
This is NOT included in the main registration fee
Evening Dinner Reservations
If you want a reserve your spot at the evening meals, make sure you add this ticket. Meal cost is NOT included. You’ll be able to choose which nights to want to reserve during checkout.