Lorna Richardson

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved sports & art. As a shy child it was my outlet, a way to express myself & push my own boundaries & help me gain confidence.

Born & raised in England I did every sport that was available to me, with a heavy emphasize on competitive swimming. I was fascinated by how the body moved & that interest developed into figure drawing which lead me to pursue a degree in Fine Art.

Having the combined eye of an artist & athlete has given me an observant perspective & appreciation of the human body by feeling & experiencing the physical & mental challenges & seeing them first hand. Both skills compliment each other & enable me to bring a finely tuned eye for detail. This in turn lead me to become a Physical Therapist Aide at Forster Physical Therapy (FPT) in Santa Monica for 7 years, assisting as well as training a broad spectrum of clients, ages 6-80+yrs, recreational to pro-athlete.

Within those years I attained my personal trainer certification & put my love for water to good use as I specialized in water rehabilitation as well as attaining my massage therapy license & began going to school to attain my degree in Exercise Science/Physiology. To allow more flexibility as I continue taking classes to get my degree, I have applied all my knowledge & experience & started up Fluid Movement. I specialize in improving movement pattern by helping to correct imbalances & asymmetries that when not addressed lead to injury & breakdown of the body; through strength training, functional movement, massage & PT skills.

I am still an athlete, having now completed 3 Ironman, several ½ Ironman, 3 marathons & multiple 10k/5k. I am constantly seeking new challenges & to help others achieve their own personal goals, whether that be an ultra endurance race, their first 5k or to walk without pain. If I can enhance the quality of someone’s life or help them achieve something they thought they would never be able to do, then I am fulfilling my dream.