What our clients are saying…

Karin Reitinger
I have been swimming with Lorna for almost 2 years now and love her enthusiasm and the effort she puts into the workouts. My stroke has improved a lot since we started and it is always a fun and challenging workout. I can just encourage everyone who loves to swim, to try out a session with Lorna and spread the word about Team AMP!
Nancy Forman
I have been swimming for about 8 years and have worked with many (many!) different coaches. I was frustrated because no matter what I did, I couldn’t improve. When I started working with Lorna, she quickly identified some specific areas that needed work to bring my swimming to another level. An added bonus is that much of what we work on in swimming translates to improvements in many other everyday activities. She has an extraordinary understanding of the body and how it works and is absolutely passionate about it. I strongly recommend Lorna to anyone who is interested in improving their swimming – no matter what age or level or condition. She’s fantastic!
Ron Nowek
I have been treated by Lorna with a combination of strengthening,  conditioning, and massage since my disability due to Proximal  Neuropathy some years ago. This condition degraded both nerves and  muscle mass in the left side of my body. Through her exercise program  I have recovered both muscle strength and the stability needed to walk  without  a walker and indeed to function normally in gardening and the  usual household chores.She is always sensitive to one’s feelings without losing sight of  the need to continually progress in the recovery process. I recommend  her to anyone whose life is compromised by physical disability.
Sarah Robarts
Lorna is the most amazing swim coach. I learnt to swim as a child then didn’t swim for years apart from lying about on vacations but no serious swimming. As my knees started to bug me from all the running I was doing I took up Tri Training and Lorna has been the most amazing swim coach. She is so detailed and focused and encouraging and I am now swimming a mile + in the ocean and two or three mornings a week at Palisades pool and completed 3 tris. Before her coaching I could barely do a length of freestyle in the high school pool. She is such a pro and a brilliant coach!